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Here's the scoop...

When not dumping Bee-Boy, Lana Lang was a bit of a newshound....

It's official-the Doom Patrol is back!


When John Byrne posted the cover image to the first issue of his new series to ,

he confirmed, to the great delight of many long time DC fans, that the original Doom Patrol (Robotman, Negative Man and Elasti-Girl) are returning to the DCU. But, in a twist that is sure to cause some consternation to the continuity police, he stated elsewhere on the message board that this will be a total re-boot for the team of misfits, so relegating all previous Doom Patrol incarnations to the history (that never happened) books, and setting Gar Logan up to be the new Donna Troy of the DCU.

We look forward to a future Who Is Beast Boy? arc in Teen Titans, any day now!




JLA 94
The "new" Doom Patrol's first appearance

Lola Barnett likes nothing better than a good gossip....

Here, guest columnist Lola Barnett - the doyenne of the Metropolis social whirl - will include some of the juicier stuff she hears. Absolutely no guarantee of the accuracy of anything you read in this column!

With the big reveal on Friday

that Superman has been re-booted as a vegetarian because he can 'see' animals, and Wonder Woman's recent conversion to the ranks of lettuce munchers because she can 'talk' to them, speculation is rife that Batman is about to be re-booted with radar powers, and will take up the way of the carrot because he can 'hear' animals. This may be in preparation for a licensing deal for DC's big three with Linda McCartney's Frozen Vegetarian Meals range.

Is vegetarianism the new black, sweeties?



Well, sweeties, has columnist and comic book writer extraordinaire, Andy Mangel, blown a fuse? It might seem so according to a nugget extracted from the message board at CBR

Andy Mangel has made no bones about the fact that he had a proposal for a new Alpha Flight series turned down at Marvel, and he is an Oregon native. Could he be the one complaining loudly (in a comic shop of all places) about a fellow customer's purchase of the new AF by Scott Lobdell, and suggesting that there might be a letter writing campaign in hand to get it replaced by his own unique perspective on the Canadian Super-Team?

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!